Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Meg's pre-wedding festivities

In preparation for Meg to get married to Yash - this weekend! - we assembled for canoeing with champagne, and special dinner at the new Friendly Toast in Cambridge, which stayed open just for our party of 17 or so. Pictured here is alovely pink fish (a decor item, I think) modeling one of Meg's fluffy tiaras, with Meg capturing the moment herself in the background.

BTW, Friendly Toast is open. For the moment only till 3, as they get their staff up to speed. It's across from Cambridge Brewing Company. GO!

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

First Puddles

After a Bahamaian dinnertime downpour, Zach and Ryan investigate the puddles.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Sunglasses and bread

I have about 300 photos from our week away (which I will only post a few, no worries). This one, is a bit photographically challenged, but cracks me up nonetheless.

Ryan warmed up to his sunglasses several days into the sunny weather. He also seemed to dig the adult chairs (even if he had to be tied in with a sarong), seen here at Zorba's, a Greek Bahamian restaurant.

Monday, May 18, 2009

Bahama beach baby

We're back from a week on Grand Bahama Island. Not too much to be done other than what Zach is demonstrating here: waiting for someone to cook up some conch at a very relaxed pace, and playing in the surf.

Friday, May 08, 2009


We're off to the Bahamas on vacation butt-crack early tomorrow...till then, here's something pink/seasonal/local:

Sidenote: Josh and I fight over some dumb stuff. Recently, we had a week-long spat over the identity of a tree he claimed was a dogwood blooming weeks before any other in the area. Neither of us could prove or disprove this claim, since I wasn't anywhere near said tree, but I did irritate him with asking to cross reference every tree specimen in sight for days. (Josh, I'm pretty sure it was a white magnolia.) And this is definitely a pink dogwood.

Thursday, May 07, 2009

Craig/Alyssa wedding/firetrucks

Finally, these 2 got hitched! (ok, so, they only waited about as long as Joshua and I did, but who's counting?) I unfortunately didn't get a spectacular photo of the couple, but we did catch a kiss.

Oh, and as Cate alluded in a comment, there was a fire incident with the caterers that caused a bit of a stir. These guys move quickly, which didn't so much agree with the evening light and my reaction speed, but here's the fire gear mingling into the cocktail hour. (More wedding photos here.)

Monday, May 04, 2009

Patriots Day Parade

Patriot's Day was a few weeks ago, and I'm finally coming back out from under 2 weeks of miserable sinus cold. Apparently Arlington puts on a parade the Sunday before Patriot's Day, which we found out about from Jer and Sha a few minutes before it started on one of the first nice days of the season. (Well, it was actually long enough that we had time to drop by the very quiet police station to file a report for some stolen electronics from the glove box of the car. Thank goodness for insurance, as we seem to get our money's worth.)

Here Zach wrestles with Lilia's dolphin balloon, before I notice he's likely to spear himself or some other random child with the handle stick; the kids watching the action, and Lilia's serious face, as she sips lemonade.

Sunday, May 03, 2009

Ra-ra (aka Ryan)

Zach and Ryan, out enjoying some nice weather in our raggedy back yard. The boys were particularly thrilled to discover they could sit their butts down on that step.

The latest addition to Zach's vocab, along with duck, bubble, ma-ma (which is either me or more), and a few animal noies was: Ra-ra (that's as close as he can get to "Ryan").