Tuesday, October 09, 2012

Baby trio with dads and moms


Sitting down, over chips and salsa. Dylan, Alisha & Trevor. (Alisha is 2 months older but both the boys have already outgrown her.)

Tuesday, October 02, 2012

Rosh Hashana - Tashlich in Concord (2012)

When all goes well, Rosh Hashana falls on the nicest day in September, and we enjoy a lovely hour at the kids' services, early lunch at Soundbites in Somerville, then take our stale bread out to a river to toss away our sins. Location of choice for the last couple years for the bread tossing (Tashlich) has been North Bridge in Concord's Minute Man National Park - the site of the first bloody battle of the American Revolution. No particular meaning - or for that matter consideration - however, it means we usually run into either a school group and/or a tour bus of folks from England or Japan who give us quizzical looks when Jeremy busts out his shofar.

 Zach and Lilia, being 4, took this as an opportunity to play squirrel family. We were able to convince them to walk for quite a while with the promise of a large acorn tree at the top of the hill. Which was a good alternative to carrying or dragging them.

Picnic with a crawling baby who likes to eat grass plus apples, honey and a bunch of yellow jackets was about as flawless as it sounds. 

Then everyone climbed a tree (after posing for pictures). Jeremy fell out. But I think he's ok now.